A Targeted Approach

We provide production and disease prevention consultation for our clients in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

  • Data Driven

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led

We are active members of our professional, industry and local communities. We contribute to a number of associations and working groups including: the AVMA, CVMA, AAAP, ACPV, WVPA, WestVet group, PSIW, and the Alberta Poultry Centre of Excellence.

Our approach


We are a team of professional veterinarians, scientists, and support staff, providing and implementing the equipment and facilities to meet the needs of our clients


We help create competitive advantages and enhance access to international markets for Western Canada’s Poultry Industry


We discover ways to maximize the health, welfare and productivity of our clients livestock


Our lab technologies enhance biosecurity and help prepare for disease outbreaks before they occur.

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“To better service the industry in today’s environment, there has been a real shift in emphasis from diagnose and treat to prevention and surveillance.”

Tom Inglis, CEO

Trusted Partners

We have formed significant partnerships that allow us to further improve our business and the products and services we can offer

Integrated Poultry Management

We provide industry-leading veterinary and health management services

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