VOA, Enterococcus

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  What is VOA who is this Enterococcus species?   Imagine you are walking your barns, doing daily chores in a flock that is 28 days of age.  Mortality and culling rates for the flock have been good, but on this particular day you start to notice that a number of birds appear lame and [...]


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Blackhead Disease With no current effective treatments, it has become increasingly important to understand the disease process and proactive measures to decrease the risk of blackhead entry into your flock. Cause of blackhead? It is a parasitic disease caused by Histomonas meleagridis which results in clinical disease in numerous poultry species (turkeys, chickens and quail). [...]

Viral Arthritis (VA)

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Mobility problems and lameness in a flock can have many causes as well as contributing factors including management, nutrition, bacterial infections, and viral infections. Do you have leg issues in your barn? Are you observing an increased amount of “hockey sticks” or “green hock” legs? How much of your flock is affected? Is this [...]

Early Mortality (Omphalitis)

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Early mortality in a flock can have several causes or contributing factors but one of the most common causes is bacterial infection of the navel (omphalitis) and/or yolk sac.  In this article we hope to discuss omphalitis and other factors which can impact early mortality rates. What is normal mortality? Typical total mortality in [...]

Avian Influenza Outbreaks (Canada 2014-2015)

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Introduction Avian influenza (AI) is a contagious viral infection that can affect poultry as well as pet and wild birds. AI viruses are classified into two categories: low pathogenicity (LPAI) and highly pathogenic (HPAI), based on the level of severity of the illness caused in birds (Diseases of Poultry, 13th ed. 2013). Canada has [...]


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Coccidiosis You have probably heard of the term coccidiosis before and know that medications are often added to the feed to prevent coccidiosis. Do you know what exactly is coccidiosis and why is it important to know and watch for signs of it? This short information sheet will answer some of these questions. What [...]

Reovirus (REO)

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Reovirus (REO) Are you noticing an increasing trend of problems with mobility and lameness in your flock as the birds grow?  There are a number of potential causes for lameness in a growing flock and with this article we will explain viral arthritis and reovirus. What are Viral Arthritis and Reovirus? Viral arthritis describes [...]